Monday, July 25, 2011

Where Have I been?

As you have likely noticed, it has been over three months since I posted here. How time flies when you are not having fun. It has been a tough spring and summer so far. Between the far right taking near total control of the government in Canada, and a continually shrinking global economy, my ability to support myself is rapidly disappearing. At the same time, my wife lost her job, and has had to take a minimum wage labor job just to get us by. The few contracts I have been able to get this year may or may not pay me for months yet, so we are really struggling. Add in some truly difficult events in my family life that are completely beyond my control, some completely unjustified personal attacks from the usual band of losers in the BC birding scene, and the ongoing destruction of the little bit of habitat left around central Vancouver Island, and I just don't have anything positive to say. So I have remained silent. Up until now.
I need to continue to try though. I need to thrash the "funk" out of Gyrfunken. It's time to climb. Time to turn a new corner. Change these socks, and exit this box. OK. What now?


Dave Ingram said...

Why not head out on the bicycle and do some birding - that should clear out the funk!

Abu Anka said...

Not a bad idea.