Monday, November 19, 2012

Incredible Time To Be In Coastal BC

Over the past week, Donna and I have seen two incredibly rare birds here in coastal BC. Both new to the province, and one, only a second North American Record.
On the 15th, we travelled to the Iona sewage lagoons to see a Cave Swallow. We had good looks at this bird for about 40 minutes, as it fed over the outer ponds with three Barn Swallows. Eventually, several other birders showed up, also looking for the Cave Swallow. I pointed the bird out, but they were unable to get on it, having problems telling the difference between it, and the Barn Swallows. Eventually, the Cave Swallow flew towards the river, and disappeared. We tried to relocate the bird to help these folks see it, but never did. Apparently, it has been seen on subsequent days.
On Monday, the 19th of November, we headed up to Comox to see an even rarer bird, a Citrine Wagtail. This bird was located about a week ago by Dave and Adelle Routledge of Cumberland. The identification was up in the air for a few days, but eventually someone got photos, and voila! First year Citrine Wagtail. Wow.
We arrived in Comox at about 7:45 and had the bird by 8:15 or so. I spent the next few hours studying the bird through the telescope as it fed in wet grass at a field edge. What a spectacular bird!!!


Gillian M said...

Damn. I was at Iona on the 17th, got some great looks and some Barn swallows, but nary a cave swallow appeared in the 40 minutes or so I was looking. Probably had something to do with the fierce wind & rain that day. I'm glad you had better luck - sounds like the bird was worth your ferry fare!

Abu Anka said...

Sounds like tere was a Cliff Swallow there the other day, too.