Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Greetings Gyrfunkers!

Welcome to my blog.

I guess I'm a little late jumping on this blogging bandwagon, but I've been busy. There have been birds to see, habitat to save, dragons to slay, twangers to plunk, and occasionally I have to work. I've also used up a considerable portion of the last ten years trying to maintain an online bird chat group for Vancouver Island. Ha! Never again. The Internet seems to make rational people hostile, and hostile people, well, more hostile. I'm all done with that world. No desire to stop birding. Just completely done with being part of the pissing match/humiliate your peers/make yourself feel better about yourself by crapping on others/freak show that seems to be the bane of birding all over the planet. Not that the great majority of birders are like that. Not at all. But there are a few. Jesus Quintana, are there ever.....

But I don't intend for this blog to just be about birds though. Birds and birding are but one aspect of my life.

I have an interesting family that generally tolerates me

I have worked as a wildlife consultant, specializing in field ornithology for the past 15 years

I have the wittiest, if not the smartest, friends this side of Humptulips

I like hiking and backpacking, especially if it leads to birding

I like biking, and spend quite a bit of time birding from my bikes

I'm involved with a number of community groups, including the British Columbia Field Ornithologists

I read a lot, and I write occasionally

I play around with radios and am studying for my Canadian Basic Amateur Radio License

I have an interest in a language called Chinook Jargon, which although not really spoken any longer, has provided many words to conversational British Columbian English

I am maybe too passionate about politics. Well, maybe not

I cook, fairly well

I eat, far too much, or rather I did. Now I'm on a fairly strict diet which is utterly depressing

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to solve unsolvable problems

I sometimes hurl insults at strangers who deserve it

I am occasionally nostalgic for Puget Sound in the 80's

I once helped Abbie Hoffman get laid

I can't play the accordion, but there is still time

And doggone it, a couple of people like me

So there it is. My first blog post at Gyrfunken. Wish me luck.


~Jen~ said...


Abu Anka said...

I knew you would be pleased.

Abu Anka said...

I will have some questions for you as to how to make this thing work.

~Jen~ said...

no problem...1st suggestion is make your comments a pop out box.

Abu Anka said...

Ok. How do I do that?

~Jen~ said...

go into the dashboard settings and look for comments

Abu Anka said...

Got it! Thank you!

Abu Anka said...

Help! How do you know where to post html code for a non Blogger widget?

Abu Anka said...

OK, forget it. I figured that out too. Thank gawd for the internet and actually reading the instructions....

~Jen~ said...

yer a genius!

Abu Anka said...

Takes one to know one......